The Game is Over @ Atopic Festival – Festival du Film Machinima

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Our “The Game is Over” will be screened @ Atopic Festival de films Machinima in Paris. Dates are > November 14 – November 17, 2011 More info here


LLI @ Well, the loop gets you ahead. (Iteration III, Progress) by CONT3XT.NET

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Exhibition series, Vienna/Austria: Experienced at Least Twice (Iteration I-III) “A sign that genuinely remained only related to itself and thus totally in the category of firstness would in itself be a contradiction. Namely, if a first relates to itself, then this is conditional on a relation and therefore necessarily a second.” (1) Each sign exists […]


LLI exhibit @ DE_ZER Vol. 3

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The DEberlusconiZER is proud to announce DE_ZER Vol. 3, the third of a series of exhibitions in which some contemporary artists are invited to give a new meaning to the informational space “liberated” from the unwieldy presence of the Italian Prime Minister. Every show includes three works by three different artists and lasts ten days, […]


Neoludica. Art is a game 2011-1966 – Biennale di Venezia 2011

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“The Art is a game, as Duchamp used to say. Videogames are art and nowadays they have a strong social impact. The event, in World Premier, intend to promote the scientific work of GameArtGallery project, bravely diging the connections between videogames-visual arts-music-cinema.“ Organization: Associazione culturale E-Ludo Lab Artists: Alessandra Rigano e Federico Castronuovo ‘Serenata’, Auriea […]


Les Liens Invisibles’ talk @ Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina: “Pink and Invisible at the same time”

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In the context of the exhibition “Identità Virtuali”  curated by Franziska Nori for Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina (Florence), on 26.05.11 we’re going to have a talk titled “Pink and Invisible at the same time. An extra-ordinary talk by Les Liens Invisibles about Internet, Art and Unicorns“. If you are in the neighborhood, come and […]


Media tattici e allucinazioni digitali @ AHAcktitude.11 (Carrara)

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Join us in Carrara on 1st of April at 3 pm atAHAcktitude.11. We’ll have a presentation titled “Media tattici e allucinazioni digitali” (Tactical media and data-hallucination) in which we’ll discuss our latest projects “” e “”. See you there!


Re:Interview #016: Stories Without Boundaries But Full of Lies

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Here it is an interview we had with Michael Kargl & Franz Thalmair from CONT3XT.NET You can check it here


Seppukoo received the honourable mention at transmediale.11

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Les Liens Invisibles are very proud to announce that their project received the honourable mention at transmediale.11. [vimeo][/vimeo]


The Google World Revolutions

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The Google World Revolutions is a series of Google Earth hacks, studies and manipulations, played on the surface of the Google Earth’s sphere model. Part of the works have been created and produced for the exhibition “The More I look, the more I see” which has taken place at Galeria Galzenica in Velika Gorica (Hr) […]


Virtual Suicide as Decisive Political Act by Geoff Cox

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Geoff Cox has recently written a paper about virtual suicide  for the _Activist Media and Biopolitics_ conference. Among other examples he included also some reflections on our project “Virtual Suicide as Decisive Political Act”,  from _Activist Media and Biopolitics_ conference, University of Innsbruck, Nov 2010. Go Read it.


The Right to Exit @ Transmediale 2011

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The Right to ExitFocus Discussion (Track 2) Participants: Les liens invisibles (it), Alessandro Ludovico (it), Paolo Cirio (it), Nathaniel Stern (us), Scott Kildall (us), Jens Best (de) Moderation: Daphne Dragona (gr) In today’s connected reality the elements of online participation – communication, interaction and sharing – are no longer considered possibilities but rather taken as […] @ Transmediale with Franco Berardi (BIFO)

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Democratic processes have been quite ineffective in recent times, don’t you agree? It’s time to change to One Click-Democracy. Leave behind your out-moded street activism, public demonstrations and megaphones. Now activism can be carried out comfortably from your armchair. Embrace the new era of armchair-activism with! Part 1 – Democracy and Partcipation in the […]


Blasphemous art party

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A oltre tre anni dalla censura dell’operazione “Liberté, Egalité, Volonté. The Blasphemous Art Riot” ( e dalla reazione che vide artisti e attivisti opporsi a politici ecclesiastici e oscurantisti, una sentenza storica del tribunale di Pisa assolve il gruppo immaginario Les Liens Invisibles dalle accuse di diffamazione e dalla richiesta di 300.000 euro di risarcimento […]


Transmediale 11

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“REFF | RomaEuropa FakeFactory” book is out now

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Almost two years after its creation il 2009, the REFF – RomaEuropa FakeFactory is back with its book, published in Italy by DeriveApprodi & FakePress: REFF The reinvention of the real through critical practices of remix, mash-up, re-contextualization, reenactment Foreword by: Bruce Sterling Over 30 contributions ranging from critical articles to interviews; a catalog of […]


Seppukoo get the nomination for Transmediale Award 2011

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The jury selected seven submissions in their search for innovative, original and visionary art works and projects that address, question and artistically contribute to the technological society. These nominated works  reflect upon the contemporary  relation to, and understanding of the human, in a dynamic, complex and mediated environment, where collaborative practice increasingly becomes a central […]



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03.11.2010 @ Piemonte SHARE Festival panel hosted by DARC (Digital Aesthetics Research Centre, Aarhus University) presenters: Christian Ulrik Andersen (DK), Tatiana Bazzichelli (IT/DK), Geoff Cox (UK/DK), and Les Liens Invisibles (IT). The panel investigates some of the interconnections between art, activism and business. Presenters examine how artists, rather than refusing the market, are generating cultural […]


NETinSPACE @ National Museum of the Arts of the XXIst Century

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MAXXI – National Museum of the Arts of the XXIst Century 30. Mai – 25. December 2010 PREVIEWS: May 27. / 28. / 29. 2010 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: May 30. 2010 Curator: Elena Rossi Artists: Ortiz; Marianna Rondon, Mariano Sardon; Mariela Yeregui) Bianco-Valente David Crawford Boredomresearch (Vickey Isley e Paul Smith) Dr. Hugo […]


Democracy 2.0 by Geoff Cox

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Geoff Cox has recently published for Arnolfini Journal a really interesting text about so called Democracy 2.0. The text, that you can read here, includes many references to our recent works. Hope you’ll enjoy it.



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We’ll take part of the third edition of NODE FEST in Rome showing our “Too close to duchamp’s bycicle.