Internet-based pieces

Museum of Ordure

Museum of Ordure 2011
Given the daily overproduction of user generated content and the continuous political solicitation to which we are subjected, it’s ever more difficult to make sense of the sheer number of objects circulating on the internet. Finally some order is restor... 2011
Tweet4Action is the ultimate tool for armchair activism. Discover how to set up the most radical street demonstrations and take part in them without any of the annoying risks. Created in the cultural background of the so called Twitter Revolutions Tw...

RIOT | Reality Is Out There

RIOT | Reality Is Out There 2010
“What is invisible is essential to the eyes” Gregory Cooper RIOT: GET LOST IN TURIN A tree falls in the center of Turin when no smart phone is around to experience it. Does it make a sound out there? Not so far, a voice: “Hello! hello? hell... 2010
"Today the enemy is not called Empire or Capital. It's called Democracy." * Alan Badiou "Democracy is becoming more an empty ritual, devoid of the ability to deliver true alternatives and true choices." Franco Bifo Berardi "A lie is the beginni... 2009
A Virus is haunting the busy communication highways of the social networking sphere: the virus of Seppukoo. The infection has been started off last month with a viral marketing campaign for the launch of the homonym notWorking platform T...

Silence is golden - A twitter perpetual intervention

Silence is golden - A twitter perpetual intervention 2009
Nothing more to say: silence is golden. Let's just follow it.

A delicious collection of invisible links

A delicious collection of invisible links 2009
According to the first and the second Euclidean postulates, two points are joined by a straight line segment that can be extended indefinitely in a straight line. Les Liens Invisibles .com is the homonym, self referential, ongoing collection of in...

3 readymade paths to God

3 readymade paths to God 2008
Wandering around the geolocated matrix and looking always for the same directions, sometimes it happens to get lost and to wonder if there's any way out of here. Inquiring one of the most popular web mapping service, the imaginary art group Les Liens I...

Google is Not The Map

Google is Not The Map 2008
"The world is my idea": this is a truth which holds good for everything that lives and knows, though man alone can bring it into reflective and abstract consciousness." Arthur Schopenhauer from "The world as will and representation" Since an...

A fake is a fake

A fake is a fake 2008
Disillusion 2.0? You were told that a new democracy of communication was possible, that the lies of corporate media were to disappear and that your voice was going to play an active role in the formation of public discourse. You were deluded into believ...

Disperse. Exclamatory Phase

Disperse. Exclamatory Phase 2007
In 1964, italian artists Alberto Grifi and Gianfranco Baruchello gave birth to one of the most interesting and significant experiments in the fields of art and cinema: "Uncertain Verification", a paradoxical assemblage of cinematographic extracts taken fr... 2007
Tired of flickring? Go Subvertr! Out Now! Bored by mainstream media? Tired of boring social tags? Subvertr is the UMSSP (Ultimate Massive Social Subvertizing Platform) from Les Liens Invisibles - imaginary art-group - leader...

Visual pieces

Verba Volant

Verba Volant 2010
Verba Volant, captcha manent.


Fragile 2010

I am the Empire in the last of its decline, That sees the tall, fair-haired Barbarians pass,--the while Composing indolent acrostics, in a style Of gold, with languid sunshine dancing in each line....

The Game is Over

The Game is Over 2009
The coins are finished and the game is over....

Neverending Happy End - Happy endings never end

Neverending Happy End - Happy endings never end 2008
Waiting the end of the end. Enjoy this small video piece.

We've just released a small brand new artwork. It's a poetic declaration about how we got too close to Duchamp's bicycle. Go visit it here ...


The Invisible Pavilion

The Invisible Pavilion 2011
The Invisible Pavilion is an uninvited, experimental, hallucinatory augmented reality experience that will function for the duration of the Venice Art Biennale as a squatted stage on which a performative flow of digital-based works of art will fill the wh...

The Invisible Pink Unicorn: Art overtakes Faith in imagination

The Invisible Pink Unicorn: Art overtakes Faith in imagination 2011
[youtube][/youtube] “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”  (John 20:29) April 24, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE APPARITION OF TH...

Untitled Imaginary Intervention

Untitled Imaginary Intervention 2008
Les Liens Invisibles has recently participated with a fake-based "imaginary intervention" to the italian Exhibition "Luoghi dell'Utopia" curated by BAU art organization: eleven big reproduction of the most representative (italian and international) ar...

Peking 2008

Peking 2008 2008
While the olympic curtain softly falls on the chinese repression in Tibet, the imaginary art-group Les Liens Invisibles celebrates the upcoming Olympic Games with a new fake-based hybridation between art, activism and advertising strategies. Exploiting...

Libertu00e9, Egalitu00e9, Volontu00e9. The Blasphemous Art Riot

Libertu00e9, Egalitu00e9, Volontu00e9. The Blasphemous Art Riot 2007
This strike takes the move against the decision taken after a point of order in the Italian Parliament promoted by Luca Volontè, leader of the Catholic parliamentary group, to shutdown the site of the collective Molleindustria. The object of the contest...