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Stuff about us

Re:Interview #016: Stories Without Boundaries But Full of Lies

3.10.2011 | 0 Comments


Here it is an interview we had with Michael Kargl & Franz Thalmair from CONT3XT.NET You can check it here

Virtual Suicide as Decisive Political Act by Geoff Cox

1.28.2011 | 0 Comments


Geoff Cox has recently written a paper about virtual suicide  for the _Activist Media and Biopolitics_ conference. Among other examples he included also some reflections on our project “Virtual Suicide as Decisive Political Act”,  from _Activist Media and Biopolitics_ conference, University of Innsbruck, Nov 2010. Go Read it. @ Transmediale with Franco Berardi (BIFO)

1.27.2011 | 1 Comment


Democratic processes have been quite ineffective in recent times, don’t you agree? It’s time to change to One Click-Democracy. Leave behind your out-moded street activism, public demonstrations and megaphones. Now activism can be carried out comfortably from your armchair. Embrace the new era of armchair-activism with! Part 1 – Democracy and Partcipation in the […]

Seppukoo get the nomination for Transmediale Award 2011

10.13.2010 | 0 Comments


The jury selected seven submissions in their search for innovative, original and visionary art works and projects that address, question and artistically contribute to the technological society. These nominated works  reflect upon the contemporary  relation to, and understanding of the human, in a dynamic, complex and mediated environment, where collaborative practice increasingly becomes a central […]

Democracy 2.0 by Geoff Cox

4.25.2010 | 0 Comments


Geoff Cox has recently published for Arnolfini Journal a really interesting text about so called Democracy 2.0. The text, that you can read here, includes many references to our recent works. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Arte 2.0

6.15.2009 | 0 Comments


Una discussione tra artisti e teorici che hanno riflettuto sull’evoluzione/rivoluzione di internet nel web 2.0, o che si sono serviti della rete come spunto o mezzo per la realizzazione delle loro opere. Questo si propone il convegno Arte 2.0, organizzato a Genova dal Museo d’arte contemporanea di Villa Croce. Un focus su un fenomeno che […]

Getting too close to art: An email conversation between Les Liens Invisibles and Luis Silva

5.19.2009 | 0 Comments


You can read it here.


11.26.2008 | 1 Comment


This year’s edition of the festival focus on the theme “FOR GOD’S SAKE! How the media change the way we imagine / represent / honour / curse the divinity”, suggested by the Italian art critic, teacher and curator Domenico Quaranta. In his words, “contemporary artistic projects have often raised such issues as technological fetishism, the […] @ WebCrash JODI happening

6.08.2008 | 0 Comments


Go to Web Crash website

FIAF @ AntiSocial NotWorking

6.01.2008 | 0 Comments


A Fake is a Fake project partecipates to the interesting project “AntiSocial NotWorking” a repository of projects curated by Geoff Cox that give a critical view of online social platforms.

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