Sketch, Draft and divertissement

Sketch, Draft and divertissement

The Google World Revolutions

2.08.2011 | 0 Comments


The Google World Revolutions is a series of Google Earth hacks, studies and manipulations, played on the surface of the Google Earth’s sphere model. Part of the works have been created and produced for the exhibition “The More I look, the more I see” which has taken place at Galeria Galzenica in Velika Gorica (Hr) […]

The Game is Over

8.25.2009 | 1 Comment


The coins are finished and the game is over.


11.26.2008 | 1 Comment


This year’s edition of the festival focus on the theme “FOR GOD’S SAKE! How the media change the way we imagine / represent / honour / curse the divinity”, suggested by the Italian art critic, teacher and curator Domenico Quaranta. In his words, “contemporary artistic projects have often raised such issues as technological fetishism, the […]

Neverending Happy End – Happy endings never end

11.23.2008 | 0 Comments


Waiting the end of the end. Enjoy this small video piece.

Too close to Duchamp’s bicycle

9.17.2008 | 0 Comments


We’ve just released a small brand new artwork. It’s a poetic declaration about how we got too close to Duchamp’s bicycle. Go visit it here

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