Dériving An Imaginary City: Virtual Psychogeographies

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Google is not the Map will be part of an online exhibition curated by multimedia artist Andrew Venell. The exhibition will be hosted by Art Micro Patronage from December 1, 2011 . Here it is the exhibition statement: “Branching out from Guy Debord’s definition of “psychogeography” as “the study of the precise laws and specific […]

The Game is Over @ Atopic Festival – Festival du Film Machinima

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Our “The Game is Over” will be screened @ Atopic Festival de films Machinima in Paris. Dates are > November 14 – November 17, 2011 More info here

Museum Show part 1

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Seppukoo video @ WHITE NIGHT – Subveillance (Brighton)

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Surveillance technologies surround us – in CCTV, on the web, in our phones. Can we turn these technologies on themselves? Can we subvert and play with them, turning them into devices to make art and film from? How can we create devices that render surveillance technology useless? Subveillance is a unique screening event at Lighthouse. […]

“Google is not the map” at Speedshow / Today’s art Festival Brussels

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http://todaysart.org/be/events/speed-show/ Curated by Anne Roquigny and Yves Bernard The Speed Show exhibition series was conceived by the artist Aram Bartholl in June 2010. The basic idea of this exhibition format is to create a gallery like opening situation for browser based internet art in a public cyber-cafe / internet-shop for one night. The exhibition format […]

LLI @ Well, the loop gets you ahead. (Iteration III, Progress) by CONT3XT.NET

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Exhibition series, Vienna/Austria: Experienced at Least Twice (Iteration I-III) “A sign that genuinely remained only related to itself and thus totally in the category of firstness would in itself be a contradiction. Namely, if a first relates to itself, then this is conditional on a relation and therefore necessarily a second.” (1) Each sign exists […]

LLI exhibit @ DE_ZER Vol. 3

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The DEberlusconiZER is proud to announce DE_ZER Vol. 3, the third of a series of exhibitions in which some contemporary artists are invited to give a new meaning to the informational space “liberated” from the unwieldy presence of the Italian Prime Minister. Every show includes three works by three different artists and lasts ten days, […]

Neoludica. Art is a game 2011-1966 – Biennale di Venezia 2011

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“The Art is a game, as Duchamp used to say. Videogames are art and nowadays they have a strong social impact. The event, in World Premier, intend to promote the scientific work of GameArtGallery project, bravely diging the connections between videogames-visual arts-music-cinema.“ Organization: Associazione culturale E-Ludo Lab Artists: Alessandra Rigano e Federico Castronuovo ‘Serenata’, Auriea […]

Repetitionr.com @ Electronic Village Galleries Pilot Research Project

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Democracy 2.0 Collection by KURATOR for Electronic Village Galleries Pilot Research Project/University College Falmouth. “Today the enemy is not called Empire or Capital.  It’s called Democracy.” (Badiou) As protests against authoritarian regimes unfold across the near east (in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere), the hypocrisy of Western style democracy also demands attention.  Indeed the spread […]

Les Liens Invisibles @ 54th Biennale di Venezia

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Identitá Virtuali

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Transmediale 11

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Identités précaires

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Les Liens Invisibles’ special project for Turin SHARE 2010

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LLI @ Sonica 2010 Festival of transitory and experimental art

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Sonica is conceived as a showcase of the yearly program of MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art. It is an experimental festival, which questions ways of representation, exhibition formats, crossing borders between art and theory, object and performance and this year specially the virtual and the real. With the theme real virtuality, Sonica will start […]

Cease & Desist Art: yes, this is illegal!

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Cease & Desist Art: yes, this is illegal! curated by Simona Lodi @ LPM 2010 – LIVE PERFORMERS MEETING For some years now, it has become common among digital artists to focus on illegal art practices. Countless Cease & Desist letters have been sent out by companies to pirates, plagiarists, hackers and disturbers, which are […]

NETinSPACE @ National Museum of the Arts of the XXIst Century

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MAXXI – National Museum of the Arts of the XXIst Century 30. Mai – 25. December 2010 PREVIEWS: May 27. / 28. / 29. 2010 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: May 30. 2010 Curator: Elena Rossi Artists: Bestiario.org(Santiago Ortiz; Marianna Rondon, Mariano Sardon; Mariela Yeregui) Bianco-Valente David Crawford Boredomresearch (Vickey Isley e Paul Smith) Dr. Hugo […]

Turbulence Commission

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We’ll take part of the third edition of NODE FEST in Rome showing our “Too close to duchamp’s bycicle.

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