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Untitled Imaginary Intervention

8.28.2008 | 0 Comments

Les Liens Invisibles has recently participated with a fake-based “imaginary intervention” to the italian Exhibition “Luoghi dell’Utopia” curated by BAU art organization: eleven big reproduction of the most representative (italian and international) art magazines gave the illusion of the presence of the artwork in the show with a sarcastic collage of hyper-intellectual articles.

Peking 2008

6.01.2008 | 0 Comments

While the olympic curtain softly falls on the chinese repression in Tibet, the imaginary art-group Les Liens Invisibles celebrates the upcoming Olympic Games with a new fake-based hybridation between art, activism and advertising strategies. Exploiting the global visibility of the Olympic Brand, the ambiguous domain is used by Les Liens Invisibles as a powerful […]

A fake is a fake. Anyway

3.19.2008 | 2 Comments

Disillusion 2.0? You were told that a new democracy of communication was possible, that the lies of corporate media were to disappear and that your voice was going to play an active role in the formation of public discourse. You were deluded into believing that even the world, this world, would become a better place […]

Disperse. Exclamatory Phase

11.08.2007 | 1 Comment

In 1964, italian artists Alberto Grifi and Gianfranco Baruchello gave birth to one of the most interesting and significant experiments in the fields of art and cinema: “Uncertain Verification”, a paradoxical assemblage of cinematographic extracts taken from over 450.000 feet of Hollywood footage from the 50s, originally destined to be destroyed and purchased for the […]

Liberté, Egalité, Volonté. The Blasphemous Art Riot

7.04.2007 | 0 Comments

This strike takes the move against the decision taken after a point of order in the Italian Parliament promoted by Luca Volontè, leader of the Catholic parliamentary group, to shutdown the site of the collective Molleindustria. The object of the contest was a game (“Operation: Pedopriest”) made to denounce the connivance of the higher positions […]

Obscure Links

6.04.2007 | 0 Comments

After several episodes of intollerance and violence in the italian country town Lucca ascribed to young neofascists living in the zone, the canditate major of the coalition between centre and right-wing parties Mauro Favilla was going to win the second ballot with the not repudiated votes of the extreme right-wing party “Forza Nuova”. To remark […]

3.02.2007 | 0 Comments

Tired of flickring? Go Subvertr! Out Now! Bored by mainstream media? Tired of boring social tags? Subvertr is the UMSSP (Ultimate Massive Social Subvertizing Platform) from Les Liens Invisibles – imaginary art-group – leader in Web 2.0 Rich Internet artworks. Enter the most fantasticulous collaborative Culture Jamming community and discover our latest services. Subvertize! […]

Dot Star Generator

2.12.2007 | 0 Comments

Dot Star Generator Beyond the infosphere, the stars again … Browse the net as a new, mysterious and complex constellation of meaning. Dot Star Generator is a web-based artwork by d3dalus and the imaginary art-group Les Liens Invisibles

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