LLI @ Well, the loop gets you ahead. (Iteration III, Progress) by CONT3XT.NET

7.27.2011 | Exhibitions, news

Exhibition series, Vienna/Austria:
Experienced at Least Twice (Iteration I-III)

Experienced at Least Twice (Iteration I-III)

“A sign that genuinely remained only related to itself and thus totally in the category of firstness would in itself be a contradiction. Namely, if a first relates to itself, then this is conditional on a relation and therefore necessarily a second.” (1) Each sign exists in a time continuum between a preceding and a following sign. If one thinks of such a continuum as a changeable flow, then it suggests the conclusion that no sign can relate to something that would stand as an object outside this flow—a paradoxical mind game that thinks about thinking, in a loop that starts from the beginning again as soon as it reaches the end.

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