Pixxelpoint 2009 | once upon a time in the west

11.25.2009 | Exhibitions, news

“We keep on talking about “new media”, while in actually fact these media are anything but new. The Net is twenty years old, if we start counting from the advent of the Web, forty if we start from Arpanet. Spacewar!, the first videogame ever, is more or less the same age. Virtual worlds are the updated, lighter versions of a technology acclaimed as “the future” when Second Life programmers were still in diapers; social networks are the bastard sons of Fidonet. As for the computer, it is younger than Lord Byron, but certainly not than his daughter Ada.”
Excerpt from

Curated by Domenico Quaranta

Participating artists
Mats Andren & Anders Carlsson
Michael Bell Smith
David Blackmore
Ian Bogost
BridA / Jurij Pavlica, Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango
Wayne Clements
Vuk ?osi?
Chris Coy
Florian Cramer
Olle Essvik
Vladimir Frelih
Darko Fritz
James Huston
Tom Jennings
Oliver Lari?
Les Liens Invisibles
Olia Lialina
Paul Matosic
Eilis McDonald
Rosa Menkman
Rafael Rozendaal
Eugenio Tisselli
Harm Van Der Dorpel
Lisa Vanovitch
Windows Media Player
Math Wrath


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